As you're compiling your wedding to-do list, don’t forget one of the most fun features that everyone will enjoy: valet parking. Unparalleled Parking provides full valet service for your wedding throughout the year. We can tell you firsthand, that everyone who arrives at your wedding will be pleasantly surprised when someone opens the door for all passengers and welcomes them to the event. Below are some reasons why you need to schedule a valet service for the big day.


Go All Out and Impress Your Guests

If there were ever a time to impress everyone around you, it would be at your wedding. After all, it’s your big day. Your friends will not expect it, and they will be pleasantly surprised when they arrive and see you showing off in style. We’ll make sure they feel like royalty when they step out of their vehicle. They’ll love you for it!


Nobody Wants to Walk a Mile to the Chapel

If you’re expecting 500 guests, then you can also potential expect up to 500 vehicles. While your early arrivals may be able to claim some prime real estate, eventually people will have to get out of their cars and walk to the building. This creates a frustrating experience considering everyone is dressed up to see you. Why not save them the hassle and treat them to a valet experiencing?


It’s Classy

No posh wedding is complete without valet parking. It should be on your list of essentials. At Unparalleled Parking, we provide superior valet service for high-end customers who want to distinguish their wedding from all others. Our service will look and feel elegant just like every other aspect of your big day. Simply put, if there’s no valet, then there’s no class.


You Never Know About the Weather

Our valet service includes providing full protection from the rain or snow. This is an invaluable feature of your wedding that your guests will truly appreciate. No one likes walking across parking lots dodging puddles or slipping on ice during the winter. By providing valet, you truly demonstrate that you value each person who comes to your wedding.


Take Your Wedding to Next Level with Unparalleled Parking

When you are ready to plan valet service, we are here to help. Unparalleled Parking offers upscale valet service for all clients and businesses throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota areas. Get your reservation locked-in right now by calling 651-300-1515. We look forward to serving you at your next wedding.