Many of the most successful businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul establish their reputations on superb customer service that thinks of everything - including where their guests will first step out of the car. If you’re one of those businesses that have a great product and an excellent service, but poor parking, there’s a good chance your doors may not be open for very long. It may not be your fault. Maybe your location is great for pedestrians but not so great for parking. If so, Unparalleled Parking is your answer. We provide flexible valet parking for businesses that have limited parking.


No Customer Flow, No Revenue Flow

A trademark of restaurants and cafes that say in business is that they know how to manage and facilitate the flow of customers. Where does the flow begin? It starts with efficient valet service. If your guests can’t find a parking spot, they’ll go somewhere else. What valet service does is open the flow of traffic right to your door so that you can serve a steady stream of guests instead of two to three every 30 minutes. When your customers are ready to leave, we retrieve their car, and they’re on their way.


No Parking Makes Your Business Like All Others

If you find that parking is an issue where your business is located, you’re not alone. Dozens of business in Minneapolis and St. Paul suffered from the same problem. The difference, however, is that you were smart enough to figure out that valet service would solve your dilemma. By including it as a part of a service to your guests, you’ve already distinguished yourself as a premier establishment. Not providing adequate parking for your guests means that your business looks and feels like every other business out there.


Cluttered Parking Can Confuse Drivers

You love your guests! Except they don’t know how to park. That’s why a valet company is valuable to your operation. Our valet service can assess your parking lot and determine how to serve your customers best when they pull up. We can probably help you make more room for a more efficient design. We can also consult you on how to make your property safe and secure so that people will trust our service.


Professional Valet is Your Parking Solution

If you’re struggling with parking issues at your otherwise fabulous establishment, let Unparalleled Parking provide your valet parking service for you. We specialize in valet solutions for all types of events both private and public, large and small. Tell us the date, what you need, and how many guests you expect, and we’ll take care of the rest. For more information or to set an event date, contact us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at Our service extends to businesses and organization in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.