Years ago, valet parking was reserved for the most elite of establishments and events. Five-star hotels and restaurants, resorts, and private parties all took advantage of the convenience and panache that is valet parking. While such businesses and events continue to make use of the service, less distinguished locations have also adopted the convenience. Now, more places than ever are using valet parking including streetside shops, airports, and hospitals. But are all these businesses offering the same level of service? Unparalleled Parking wants to help you make the right valet decision for your business or event, so let’s take a closer look.


High-End Valet Parking Service

High-end valet parking operates at more formal events and locations such as five-star restaurants and hotels. You can recognize this level of service by the following features:


●        Extreme professionalism. High-end valet services provide the utmost in client and vehicle care. Such valet companies hold their drivers to stringent standards so you can be certain vehicles will be treated with care.

●        Valets are well-groomed. High-end valet parking services have extremely high standards, so you can expect drivers to present themselves professionally. Drivers should be wearing coordinated uniforms so you can recognize them instantly.

●        Expedited service. When using this level of valet service, customers can expect their cars to be parked and retrieved promptly. High-end services park vehicles as near to the building as possible, so patrons won’t be left outside waiting.

●        Valets open doors. At luxury establishments and posh parties, you can almost always expect your high-end valet to open vehicle doors. If there are women in the vehicle, you should expect the valet to open their doors first, then come around and open other passengers’ doors.


Regular Valet Parking Service


Establishments such as airports, hospitals, and some retail stores also make use of valet services. These businesses typically offer a less formal approach to valet parking which you can recognize by the following features:


●        Longer wait times. Using a regular valet service generally means patrons will be waiting longer to pick up their vehicles. Often, regular valet services must park vehicles farther from the establishment, so they take longer to arrive at the door.

●        Less formal. Regular valet services found at less prestigious establishments operate in a more casual fashion. Valets may not be wearing coordinating uniforms and generally do not open passenger doors.

●        No preferential parking. If a regular valet service is parking cars, patrons may not be able to pay for preferred parking. High-end services, however, sometimes offer patrons the option to park their cars up front for a nominal fee.


Valet Parking Services in the Twin City Metro Area

When you need high-end, professional valet service for your business or event, Unparalleled Parking is the way to go. We hold our valets to the highest of standards, so you can be sure your patrons will have an excellent experience. If you’d like to learn more about our services or would like to work with us for your valet parking needs, give us a call. You can reach us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at