Image for your charity event is important. You want your guests to enjoy their experience while they contribute the highest amount possible. We know your event is important and how to treat your guests elegantly. Unparalleled Parking discusses best practices for valet parking for your next charity event.


Special Event, Special Parking

Charity events are special by design. You want your guests to feel treated well. A professional valet service adds elegance to your event. By using a professional valet service, not only do you remove the stress of finding parking and directing your guests to the parking area, but you insure your event goes well. You can treat your guests by giving them the certainty of secure professional parking with the peace of mind a valet company like ours offers.


Parking Logistics Handled by Professional Valet Company

Large-scale events take a lot of planning. When you are expecting a large crowd, you know to expect the need for ample parking. Not all venues provide easy parking for guests. A professional valet service company takes the worry out of parking issues for you and your guests. You work on event logistics and leave the parking logistics to us.


Once you schedule your event and pick your venue, access the expertise of a professional valet service. The valet service will survey the site to determine the following:


●        How to Efficiently Direct Traffic

●        Necessary Permits for Site/Parking

●        Location to Greet Guests

●        Location of Secure Parking

●        Process to Quickly Return Guest Vehicles


Happy Guests Equal Higher Contributions

The whole point of a charity event is to raise funds for your organization. Customer service is part of what makes the guest experience a good one and leads to higher contributions. The customer service a professional valet service offers shows your guest you care about their comfort and the security of their vehicle. Our pleasant and professional valets greet your customers with a high level of professional service and start your event off right.


Customized Valet Solutions for Your Charity Event

Finding the right valet service for your charity event is important to the event’s success. Every event is different. You need a customized solution by professionals who understand the needed success of your event. An experienced valet company will design a solution that fits the needs of your event and your guests.


Professional Valet Service in the Minneapolis Area

Look to Unparalleled Parking as your professional valet service for all of your events in the Minneapolis area. With many years of experience in valet parking, our professional valets give your event an elegant, refined touch. Customer service is paramount to our mission to give you and your guests the best experience possible. For more information, give us a call at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at