Valet parking is a valuable amenity that offers added convenience for your customers while improving traffic flow and vehicle capacity. It can also put your business ahead of the competition, as other companies likely do not offer this service. Whether you run a corporation, restaurant, retail center, or hospital, you can quickly discover how valet parking improves your business.


Unparalleled Parking offers valet parking services for businesses in the Minneapolis area. To find out more about how we can help your business with valet parking, contact us today.

Making the Best Use of Parking

While marked parking spaces are designed to organize parking, individuals who self-park do always adhere to parking spaces. They ultimately space and limit your parking capacity.


No matter what the parking situation is on your property, a valet service can help you make the most of the space you have, by controlling the parking. And because the vehicles are being parked and retrieved by professionals of the available area, an experienced Minneapolis valet parking attendant will know how to use all open space in any standard or non-standard lot.

Increasing Your Company’s Revenue

In a major metropolitan area like Minneapolis, companies and hospitals alike must utilize valet parking to enhance customer experience and provide a safe alternative to self-parking. Your company can also benefit from the added revenue stream.


Whether you choose to impose a fee for valet parking or not, your turnover will be higher when patrons don’t have to park and walk to your establishment. The valet experience bookends the customer’s visit to and from their car. When done well, it can help to ensure repeat business. All of this translates to more revenue for your property.

Creating a Better Customer’s Experience

Valet parking offers relief from the sweltering heat of summer or the brisk chill of winter. Also, it can eliminate a frustrating hunt for a parking space. Establishments that offer valet services are seen as more sophisticated and sensitive to their clients' needs and desires. When you create a better experience for your clients, they will return your business time and again. A small service upgrade such as valet parking makes an indelible impression that stays in the minds of your customers. They’ll also refer their friends to your business.

Improves Your Company’s Reputation

In today’s competitive world, offering satisfactory service isn’t good enough It doesn’t set your company apart from the competition, and it does nothing for the reputation of your establishment. If you want to get people talking about your business, valet parking is the way to do it.


With valet parking service, your business will be known for going above and beyond to please your customers. This approach will boost your business reputation and convert into more customers, thus, more revenue.

Valet Parking Services in Minneapolis

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