Parking anywhere at night can leave you in a vulnerable position; this is especially so if you are unfamiliar with the downtown Minneapolis area. Though it is generally a clean, safe place to live and work, Minneapolis has areas that may not be so clean and safe, as is the case with any densely-populated city. What do you do if your business has travelling clients—thus, they are unfamiliar with the city—and they don’t know how to keep their belongings and cars safe overnight?


Hiring a valet service is one of the simplest solutions to this common worry. Unparalleled Parking, a Minneapolis valet company, explains how you can benefit below.


Valet parking Services can Decrease the Likelihood of Stolen Goods and Traumatized Clients

It’s a fact of city life: crime rates go up as the sun goes down. Public parking garages are often dark, isolated, and poorly policed, meaning that your nighttime clientele are easy targets for potential thefts and violence. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 2004 and 2008, 7.3% of the more than five million violent victimizations studied occurred in a parking lot or parking garage.


Valet companies, when hired for nighttime work, can keep clientele out of danger. Unparalleled Parking’s drivers are quick at what they do, and they also are familiar with the city; that is, they know which areas are the safest to park and which to stay far, far away from.

Valet Parking Services Prevent Damage from Parking Hazards

Especially if your clientele has just finished traveling, a nighttime arrival means they’re bound to be exhausted; jet lag is never fun. Unfortunately, driving while exhausted is also not fun, and this might mean your clients aren’t as careful as they could be, leading to damaged vehicles, frayed nerves, and an overall negative experience associated with your business.


As valet drivers tend to be well-rested and adjusted to our time zone, hiring a valet service can help prevent property damage from tired clients—not to mention arguments between customers themselves


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