No matter the season, owning a parking lot in Minneapolis is a wonderful generator of finances. We all know how scarce parking spaces are in the metro area! Because parking lots are so valuable, though, as an owner of such a lucrative investment, you’ll definitely want to take steps to maintain and protect it, particularly before winter sets in.


The frigid temperatures, slushy puddles, and heaps of snow that always accompany Minnesotan winters are hard on parking lots and people alike. Unparalleled Parking, a Minneapolis valet service and transportation company, discusses below some practical pre-winter parking lot management practices that will help your investment come out in one piece in the spring.

Preemptive Action is Paramount

When it comes to many things in life—not only parking lots—it’s often easiest to take care of problems before they begin. After all, repairing damage is more expensive and time-consuming than stopping it from happening in the first place.


What does this mentality look like when applied to pre-winter parking lot maintenance?


●        Sealing cracks before water and ice seep in. Ice damage to parking lots is nothing to sneeze at; we, as a valet parking service, can certainly attest to this! Refusal to seal up your parking lot allows water and ice to creep into the subgrade, causing cracks to widen and potholes to form. In other words, it makes for quite a bumpy ride! Preventing these hazards is as simple as sealing pre-existing cracks before the cold sets in.

●        Doing a thorough, pre-winter cleaning. While washing a parking lot might sound a little silly to some people, it’s one of the best ways to keep it strong through the winter months. Dirt can gradually wear on asphalt if left there over the winter, and fallen leaves can easily clog drainage locations and gutters.

●        Taking care of your patrons. Of course, it’s obvious to pretty much anyone who lives here that parking lots get icy in the winter; however, when we’re in a rush or distracted, it’s pretty easy to forget to be careful! Putting up signs where you know icy patches will form and brightening up your parking lot’s paint before winter can go a long way to keeping everyone who uses it safe and sound.


In Need of Parking Lot Management? Have You Considered a Valet Company?

At Unparalleled Parking, we’ve spent years helping people park their cars; we’re a valet company, after all. We know parking! We’re therefore proud to offer, in addition to our top-of-the-line parking services, parking lot management. To learn more about what our company can offer you, give us a call at 651-300-1515.