A parking lot can be a huge financial boon, but making money off of it requires a lot more effort than simply owning a plot of cement! There are meters to maintain, booths to staff, security cameras to set up, complaints to take care of…not to mention the chaos that comes with hiring all the people that make profiting from your parking lot possible.


Unparallelled Parking, a Twin Cities valet company, is here to help. We may be a valet parking service, but our abilities extend far beyond that—we’re also well-versed in parking lot management.


Below, you’ll discover a few of the reasons why it benefits you, both monetarily and stress-wise, to hire a transportation company to manage your parking lot.

Hiring a Transportation Company for Management Keeps Things Safe

When you own a parking lot, you already are responsible for its upkeep. That means keeping an eye on the integrity of the concrete, hiring a contractor to repaint it as necessary, and making sure all security protocols remain up and running. When you also probably have a full-time job on top of owning a parking lot, it becomes difficult—some might say impossible—to also handle staffing. And staffing is something you should never skimp on. After all, the patrons of your lot depend on you to provide them with a safe place to leave their vehicles, which are a valuable asset for many people. Your staff simply cannot afford to be lazy or untrustworthy; there’s just too much at stake, for both you and your customers.


So do parking lot management right and let a Saint Paul valet service do the hiring. We handle everything from HR to payroll, and we have a host of employees on deck ready to take over parking lot management as soon as possible.

Our Valet Company Knows the Business

Our employees spend all day with customers and their cars when we perform our valet parking services. We know what great service looks like when it comes to dealing with cars, and we know how to execute that same level of service every time. Our company places a high emphasis on professional, personable service when it comes to dealing with customers; let us bring that level of service to your parking lot and make it more in-demand than it already is.


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