At Unparalleled Parking, we know our valet parking services are some of the best in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. After all, if our valet company didn’t have what it takes, we wouldn’t have been doing this for over a decade! It’s for this reason that our blog talks a lot about what to look for in a transportation company or Minneapolis valet service; we make it our mission to both demonstrate and explain to our customers exactly what they should expect from a great company like us.


However, this doesn’t answer for the opposite side of the equation: what you shouldn’t look for in a valet parking service. How do you know if the valet company you’ve hired isn’t quite up to par?


Get the answers below from a valet company that most certainly is up to par.

Valet is a Service Industry; Your Valet Company Should Act Like It

At the end of the day, valet parking service is all about that: service. It’s about making the customer feel welcomed, safe, and taken care of. Any kind of service that doesn’t support this purpose is inherently poor. Yes, we’re all human, but you’re paying good money for your valet parking service; they absolutely must do their jobs.


With that in mind, here are a few signs your current valet company isn’t quite cutting it:


●        Your guests complain or appear disgruntled upon entering your business. Of course, everyone has bad days; a single grump isn’t an indication your hired valet parking service is performing poorly. However, if you notice a pattern of customers complaining to you about parking service, or if you notice your workers struggling to leave their charges with a smile, there’s an issue. Avoid said issue altogether with a customer-focused valet parking service like Unparalleled Parking.

●        Communicating with your valet company is like pulling teeth. Not only does valet parking serve your customers, but it also serves your business. Your valet parking service should be open to feedback, communicative, and willing to change approaches so as better to serve you, the business owner. You’ll find all of these characteristics at Unparalleled Parking!

●        The drivers are unprofessional. Perhaps they show up out of uniform; perhaps they drive recklessly or don’t say a word to your customers. Either way, you should only expect the best from your valet parking service. Invest in one with a uniform and background check policy like Unparalleled Parking.

Looking to Swap Valet Companies? Unparalleled Parking is Here for You

We’ll help you make the seamless transition from not-so-great service to phenomenal service: ours. Give us a call today at 651-300-1515.