Valet parking is the standard for high-end establishments, hotels, hospitals, and local events here in Minnesota, and the standard means greeting guests when they arrive, giving them five-star service, and ensuring their vehicles are treated safely and carefully.

While it may seem like a cut-and-dry position, there's much more to it than just parking clients' vehicles, so the Unparalleled Parking team is here to explain the ins and outs of a day in the life of a hotel valet attendant.

What Does a Valet Attendant Do?

A valet attendant is described as an employee in charge of parking vehicles for guests at the establishment on the client's behalf and ensuring an orderly traffic flow on-site. Their primary job is to greet and assist guests as they drop off their vehicles while also retrieving them when the guest is ready to leave the parking area.

Do They Need Special Skills?

While previous experience helps, in most cases, no experience will be considered as long as other job requirements are met. The clients need to feel cared for and satisfied with their experience, so the valet must be skilled at interacting professionally with customers.

They may be asked to answer questions about local destinations or give recommendations, helping the clients in and out of their vehicles and focusing on safe driving practices, whether they are dropping off or picking up.

What Does a Standard Day Look Like for a Valet?

Once any assignments or tasks are assigned for the day by management, the valet assists and greets guests entering and exiting the property by greeting them, taking their keys, opening and closing doors, helping with luggage, and answering questions. Being a valet means maintaining a positive attitude, and even if the customers become disagreeable, knowing how to work around this and find a solution.

With some locations parking hundreds of cars an hour before the valet takes the keys, they hand a ticket to the vehicle owner so there's no confusion when they come to reclaim it. Paperwork with the vehicle's make and model, registration, the date and time of drop off or pickup, or contact information about the owner might need to be completed manually or online. Once the keys are handed over, the valet becomes responsible for the vehicle; this means being diligent that no damage occurs or laws are broken while they are behind the wheel.

Aside from managing all the customer's vehicles, chances are there will be taxi cabs, guest vehicles, buses, and limousines, so the valet will also need to monitor and direct these vehicles and ensure the traffic flow is efficient and smooth.

There may be memo books or shift logs to keep track of notes or hours worked, and in the worst-case scenario, accidents or incidents like theft or damage will need to be documented, reported, and kept on file.

Your Trusted Minneapolis Valet Company

A successful career in the field requires a solid work ethic, integrity, navigating complex spaces or in Minnesota's slippery winter conditions, and consistently delivering high-quality customer care with each interaction. From weddings to hotels, the Unparalleled Parking team has delivered expert valet parking services for over a decade in Minneapolis, and we are here to create a streamlined experience for your guests.

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