Let's face it: planning a corporate fundraiser is no small feat, and there are always huge costs involved with putting one on. Every detail counts, from how many guests will attend to parking; you want to save as much money as possible so you have more to give to the cause you believe in.

Valet services offer your guests a unique experience, and as a bonus, they can be a cost-effective addition that sets the tone for the event and provides an excellent ROI—and here's how!

Reduced Venue Costs: How Valet Parking Can Help Negotiate Better Rates

Just because the venue has given you a price doesn't mean it can't be negotiated. Yes, you need to be realistic about things like headcounts, timelines, and expectations, but you shouldn't have to cut back on important features that will draw in more donations.

As you discuss the details, don't overlook the fact that the venue wants your business, and the more attendees that come to your charity event, the more advertising the venue receives.

Valet parking strategically organizes the parking experience, giving them an increased capacity of available parking, meaning free advertising via eventgoers and giving you some leverage and value in the negotiation price.

Time Savings & Efficiency: Calculating the Value of Attendee Time Saved

Corporate events and fundraisers can be a great way to produce mission statements and can be tailored for specific themes to get your guests in a good mood and ready to participate. Dealing with traffic can be a headache, and once they arrive, if they have to search for a parking spot, it can be frustrating and get their experience off to a bumpy start.

You can't put a price on your guests' time, and giving them the option to simply drop off their keys into a professional's hands, take a ticket, and get inside the venue instead of searching in the dark for a parking space can help them stay relaxed, give them an unmatched convenience, and be a clear sign that you care about their experience.

Enhanced Brand Perception: The Long-Term ROI of Providing Valet Parking for Corporate

How your company is perceived is everything for maintaining current clients and attracting new ones, and you want as many people to attend your fundraiser as possible. Aside from the enhanced customer satisfaction, having a valet on site will make your corporation stand out as a more viable option, especially if the guests have to deal with parking in downtown Minneapolis.

The truth is that valet is an eye-catching service that lets patrons stay focused on why they're attending instead of stressing over finding a parking spot. This means better reviews for your company, higher attendance, more attraction, and an increase in reputation through this one simple step because it shows off your company's branding and demands focus and attention from onlookers and visitors alike.

Make Your Event Unforgettable With Unparalleled Parking

The charity or cause you're representing depends on support from your corporate event, and valet parking is just one way to help enhance it. If you need a top-notch valet team that only gives you the best service in the business, look no further than Unparalleled Parking!

From customized corporate valet services to event security, we have over a decade of experience and are here to help make your event a success!

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