When planning your wedding, transportation is an important factor in ensuring that your wedding day goes smoothly. A shuttle service can benefit your entire wedding party and reduce the amount of drive time you’ll require on the big day. Unparalleled Parking provides premier shuttle services for weddings in Minneapolis. Our shuttle service can benefit you and your wedding party in the following ways:


1. Smooth Timeline Flow

After the hours you’ve spent detailing out your wedding, you don’t want your timeline to be ruined by guests struggling to find parking or showing up late. With a wedding shuttle, your guests will arrive on time and without hassle. Your wedding day will seamlessly flow from getting ready in the morning, to the ceremony, to the luncheon, and to your big party at the end. Your timeline will be intact and your day will run without a hitch!


2. No Parking Issues

Wedding venues don’t always have an abundance of parking which can cause serious issues on your big day. Renting extra parking can be difficult, especially if you have a large number of guests coming to celebrate. You could run into issues with double parking, a full lot, or car accidents in the parking lot. Instead of risking any incident, a wedding shuttle will get your guests where they need to be without hassle.


3. No Lost Guests

If your ceremony is in a different location than your luncheon or reception, you may run into the issue of guests getting lost or being extremely late to part of your wedding. A wedding shuttle eliminates any guest travel time miscalculations. Members of your wedding party and the guests will arrive on time and excited for your day.


4. Ease of Mind

Worrying is the last thing you should be doing on your wedding day. If you are spending time being concerned about where your guests are and why they are late, you won’t be spending time enjoying tender moments with your new spouse! A wedding shuttle will ease your mind and take all the stress off of you.


Private Event Valet Company

Hiring a private event valet company to manage your wedding guests with a wedding shuttle will ease your mind on your wedding day. Your big day will flow seamlessly without lost guests or crowded parking lots. Let Unparalleled Parking take over while you have a wonderful day. You can reach us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at info@yourvaletguys.com.