In an increasingly connected and highly personal world, attention to detail and stellar customer service can make all the difference in the world. Nowhere is this truer than in valet and parking services. Stepping out in comfort and entrusting your vehicle to the skilled hands of a valet provider is crucial in an overall event, restaurant, or business experience.


Unparalleled Parking aims to provide that unequaled service. Rolling up to the curb where our dedicated parking assistants and service providers are waiting ensures that you'll feel like a star throughout the experience. Unparalleled was established in 2008 to provide valet and parking services to the Minneapolis metropolitan area that are rooted in integrity and kindness. Our business is built around the Unparalleled Parking philosophy which places the customer experience at the height of our service, with solid business principles and a highly competent staff to deliver on this. This cornerstone has allowed us to turn even the most challenging of situations into winning opportunities for our customers.


Unparalleled Parking starts each day with providing this unmatched experience to clients whether they need parking services for a wedding, special event, meeting, or even at their place of business. We treat each of our customers like VIPs, providing them with dedicated service and attention to detail that they wouldn't receive otherwise.


Residents of the Twin Cities realize how difficult, time consuming, and expensive searching for precious parking spots in the city can be, made worse by Minnesota's temperamental weather. Unparalleled takes the stress out of the operation by providing friendly, on-the-spot designated greeters, parkers, stackers, and even for some larger events - a shuttle service. Each project is overseen at all times by a uniformed on-site manager who combines logistics capabilities with staff management to deliver a pampered and personalized service.


Unparalleled Parking is able to deliver these results by careful yet timely pre-planning. We begin each project by listening to our clients to incorporate their goals and needs into a full-service plan. With a quick turnaround and flexibility in making adjustments, we can deliver this in an incredibly timely manner for even the most last minute events.


Since our inception, we have worked to diligently change the industry, drilling down to our unparalleled ability to cater to each guest. Our attention to detail sets the standard for others to follow. Our intensive process of refinement, expertly skilled staff, and strong and reliable service drive innovation in the Twin Cities region.


If you have a big event, party, wedding, corporate event, or are opening a new business venture, get in touch today with one of our dedicated customer service representatives to set up a consultation to discuss your needs. Our experience staff will then take it from there, bringing more than five decades of experience with hotels, private events, universities, corporations, and private clients to create a personalized and professional curbside service for your project.