Attending an event can be very exciting for your guests. They get an excuse to get all dressed up and ready for a night out on the town. When they arrive, you want them to enjoy themselves from the second they pull up to the second the drive away. Having a valet parking service at the entrance of your event can make the perfect first impression for your guests. At Unparalleled Parking, we ensure a secure, polite, convenience, and smooth arrival and departure from your event for your guests!


Safe Parking

When using Unparallel Parking our drivers are trained to drive any vehicle, automatic or manual, and vehicles of all sizes. With an intense training course, you can rest assured that your guest's vehicles will be in great hands when they hand over the keys to one of our valet drivers. Allowing us to park your guest's cars can also keep their vehicle safer if they are unfamiliar with driving in dense areas. Our drivers are well versed in how to drive safely and cautiously in congested areas of Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


Excellent and Polite Services Guaranteed

Your guests want to give their vehicle over to someone they can trust and feel will do right by them. Our valet drivers will cater to all of your, and your guests need regardless of the event you are hosting, be it a wedding, reunion, or business event. Your valet parking staff has been trained in good customer service and etiquette and also the importance of treating the guests with respect. Our valets have gone through an extensive training which ensures that the process of arrival and departure of your guests is expedited.


Happy Guests

All things aside, you’re guests will enjoy the ease of attending your event with valet parking. If your event is in a congested area or in a location that parking is hard to find, we can take that stress off of your guests and help them enjoy their evening. At Unparalleled Parking, we can provide valet parking services for private events, corporate events, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more!


Contact Unparalleled Parking today if you are interested in providing your guests with a seamless arrival and departure from your event. You can learn more by visiting us online or giving us a call at 651-300-1515.