Ask any business out there about their hospitality practices, and they’ll say it’s a top priority for them. This is as it should be! Giving a customer a warm and welcoming experience is a great way to keep them coming back. However, when most businesses strive to be hospitable, it can be difficult to set oneself apart. If going above and beyond is the norm, then how does one go above and beyond that norm?


Unparalleled Parking, a Twin Cities valet service, has some tips below. Who better to talk about guest service than a valet company?

Unexpected Sensitivity: Hospitality in a Nutshell

Hospitality in today’s ever-competitive business market boils down to this: how can I give the guest a new welcoming experience? Expressing sensitivity to your guests through prompt service just isn’t enough anymore; you’ll need to get creative in the ways that show you care to make your business stand out.


Hiring valet parking services is definitely a novel and exciting way to show you care about your guests. It:


●        Is unexpected. When was the last time somebody offered to park your car for you at a hotel or restaurant? Probably a very long time ago, if ever. It definitely is something that grabs the attention, especially in the Minneapolis area, where finding parking is such a hassle. It’s a great way to attract repeat customers.

●        Is a sensitive gesture. Good luck finding parking in Minneapolis before rush hour without a transportation company to help. Crowded parking ramps and busy streets really amp up your potential customers’ stress levels. Taking care of one of the most stressful parts of dining out or travelling is one of the kindest things you, as a provider of any given service, can do.

●        Suggests a high-class experience. While any establishment can benefit from hiring a valet parking service, under the right circumstances, doing so evokes a high-class air and raises your guests’ expectations of your business. It shows you’re sensitive to the customers’ needs. This is a good thing—when you sail over those high expectations, it’s even more impressive and even more likely to make you stand out.

Looking for Sensitive Valet Parking Services? Unparalleled Parking is the Best Around

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