Fall is here! And while this means it’s time for some gorgeous autumn drives, it also means that many Minnesotans are bracing themselves for winter. Icy roads and heavy snow don’t bode well for a relaxing road experience, after all.


There’s no better time to hire a valet company for your business or special event. Negotiating winter roads is hard enough; we at Unparalleled Parking are happy to help where we can—and where we can means more than you might think, as we also offer transportation services and valet lockout services.


However, it’s important for valet customers to be prepared for the unique hassles that Minnesota winters bring with them. Below, we discuss a couple ways you can make sure your valet parking service experience goes as smoothly as it can—no matter how snowy it gets.

Be Proactive and Prepared

Nine times out of ten, winter weather is only hazardous if drivers are not prepared. Though we’ll always take care of parking your car, it’s necessary that both you and your car have the proper equipment to ensure the safety of all parties involved in the process. This includes:


●        A de-icer. If you’ve experienced even a single winter here, you know that Minnesota can ice up a window in an hour flat (sometimes even quicker). Our drivers are skilled at de-icing cars, but it’s helpful to have an ice scraper or similar equipment readily available in your vehicle for ease of access.

●        Grippy shoes. Of course, our drivers are always well-equipped with proper footwear, but the high-heels that are frequently worn to formal events can get slippery on the ice. If the event you’re attending requires formal shoes, make sure they have slip-proof bottoms, and don’t forget to practice walking in them at home!

●        Proper antifreeze levels. If your car won’t start or your fuel freezes (as can happen with diesel engines), it becomes quite impossible to park it. We ask, for both your safety and ours, that your car be in working order when it comes to winter safety equipment. Weather is harsh here, so it never hurts to double check.

●        Hustle. During the winter season especially, it’s important to leave the valet area quickly for safety reasons. Our drivers are thoroughly trained, but in the interests of safety we may operate slower than usual in icy conditions. Promptly leaving the valet area ensures that things run as quickly as possible.

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