For those who are throwing a major event, there are already plenty of details to coordinate. While it may seem like the last thing the event needs is a valet, the right parking service can actually make things easier for event professionals everywhere rather than make it harder. See why a valet service can take your event to the next level.


Less Hassle for Everyone

Those who attend an event are looking to have a good time — they're not looking to find a parking space. When there are crowds of people all coming to the same area, there's going to be a lot of drivers trying to find a spot that's as close as possible to the venue. Vehicles may face off for a particularly good space, or there may just be a lot of circling back and forth as drivers all come to realize that the one seemingly empty spot actually contains a motorcycle. Men might have to drop women in heels off at the door as they go off on their quest, causing more congestion and confusion in an otherwise already crowded area. Unfortunately, it may be one of the biggest things people remember about the event. For the staff who are trying to keep the event on track, it can also mean wasted time trying to appease annoyed guests.


It's Simply Classy

Hiring a valet for an event just sends a message that there's been no detail overlooked. Even if it's a smaller event or in an area with a good amount of parking, it says that the guests who were invited are important — and that importance doesn't just begin when they walk in the door. If you've already taken the time to send out nice invitations and reminders about your gathering, then keep up the first-class treatment as soon as they pull up their car. While a valet service certainly won't guarantee your success, it's an excellent way to show guests that you respect their time, safety, and choice in footwear. For those who are trying to bring more business or attention to their cause, there's no better way to make a first impression.


Something to Remember

The best way to really give your guests something to remember is to make their valet experience as seamless as possible. Choose a Twin Cities valet that will move the line along quickly, while still making each and every person on the invite list feel like they're a VIP for the day. They'll be the first and last thing that a person associates with your event. Some people may just see valet as a regular service, but there's an art to getting everything done that can only be done with practice.