You know what they say about first impressions. And while first impressions are crucial when it comes to anything, their importance is arguably the most significant when it comes to impressing potential business partners or potential consumers. With that being said, one ideal way for businesses to woo these respective parties is by hosting corporate events, which allow an opportunity for everyone to meet and greet in a more formal, yet laid back setting. Conduct a corporate event the right way, and your business could be looking at additional revenue streams and imminent growth. Conduct an event the wrong way and you could be bemoaning a huge missed opportunity later down the road.


Back to first impressions. When it comes to any corporate event, this first impression begins in the parking lot. That's where a valet service can really help create that initial positive interaction at any corporate event or function.


4 Reasons Why You Need an Event Valet

1.       No attendee stress: When you're hosting an event, you want your guests to relax and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, many have a hard time coming down from the stress that parking can cause, especially for events in areas (think: downtown Minneapolis or Saint Paul) where public parking may be limited and lengthy walks may be necessary after guests park in designated lots or structures. A professional valet takes the stress out of the equation, allowing guests to start the festivities on a relaxed note and avoid the long walks to and from parking areas. This is especially helpful if guests are running late or when it's rush hour traffic.

2.       VIP: Any valet service helps convey a message that your guests are very important people. It also helps a host look first-class when it comes to accommodating guests, elevating the status of your company in the eyes of your customers and business partners.

3.       Security: Chances are your guests are going to be arriving in some nice, high-quality vehicles to your event, so the last thing they want is to leave them in a parking lot or area of town where security may be in jeopardy. The stats show that valet lots overseen by professionals are safer than the public lots that are not, which can help give your guests peace of mind.

4.       It's affordable: Hiring a valet parking company for your next corporate event is actually very affordable. Many businesses see this minimal investment as a necessity when it comes to starting their event off on the right foot.



First impressions are crucial, so don't make the mistake of failing to capitalize on making a positive one at your next corporate event. For more information on our Twin Cities valet parking and Minneapolis valet parking services, contact us today.