Winter parking in the Midwest is a pain! It’s not much better than navigating the roads, especially if there is a buildup of ice or a heavy snow fell the night before. Your drive takes longer. But even before driving, you have to dig your car free of a snow drift or garage stall. Suddenly an hour commute turns into two and you’re late to work. Your windshield wipers are broken. Or worse yet, your car doesn’t start at all.


You can avoid these mishaps and unforeseen delays by practicing a few winter parking tips, some that you know and others that you may have forgotten during the warmer months.


7 Winter Parking Tips

No matter if you’re a daily driver or just venture out on the weekend to downtown, use these winter parking tips as a helpful reminder to keep yourself safe and limit frustration.


1.      Read Signs for Restrictions - The first rule of winter parking: look at signs. You might normally park on a road just outside your front door. But once it has snowed, that street might be plowed every other day. The signs posted will let you know when it’s safe to park and not get towed. It’s vital to heed these signs to avoid hefty fees as well as complications.

2.      Start/Move Your Vehicle Daily - Any car, older ones especially, can have more trouble starting in the cold. If your battery sits dormant in the cold, it can drain. If your engine sits dormant, certain parts can freeze. Even if you don’t need to drive anywhere, start your vehicle and let it run for a few minutes each day to ensure that it does run when you need it. Moving your vehicle can also keep it from getting built up with plowed snow.

3.      Stow a Small Shovel & Scraper - You never know what the weather conditions might be when you adventure into the world. Keep a small shovel in your trunk in case you need to dig your car free. Likewise, have a scraper on hand to clear the windows for safer winter driving.

4.      Kick Mud Flaps & Wheel Wells - Do you take your winter parking to your garage? Leaving snow and ice on your car can create a puddle inside your garage or around your carport when it melts. Thus, ice may form - a danger to you and trouble for controlling your vehicle. In addition, melted slush can ruin furniture, boxes, or other items stored alongside your vehicle. So before you drive it into place, kick the mud flaps and wheel wells free of ice as well as brushing off the excess snow.

5.      Carry Snow Boots - No matter where you’re going or what footwear you need there, snow boots are a must. You can always switch your shoes inside your work, the gym, etc. But snow boots keep you from slipping in the parking lot and protect your feet if you need to be outside digging out your car.

6.      Plan Extra Time - Instead of creating stress in your morning routine, plan ahead for when you’ll need extra time to free your vehicle and for the winter parking when you arrive at your destination.

7.      Allow Extra Space - Most accidents happen in parking lots. Where winter parking is concerned, this rings even more true. Unseen ice, signs buried in snow drifts, poor visibility, and other hazards can create a winter parking nightmare. Take your time parking and allow extra space when following or parking next to a vehicle. That way, if a slip occurs, you’ll be less likely to hit anything.


Winter Parking with Unparalleled Parking

Valet service at your favorite restaurant is a luxurious addition to a night out. Likewise, valet parking can be a complementary tool to make a great first impression at just about any establishment, especially in the crowded downtown areas of the Twin Cities. These benefits gain importance in the winter, when roads are dangerous and driving becomes stressful.


Imagine a patron of your establishment being able to drop their vehicle curbside, avoiding the stress and extra time involved in winter parking. They wouldn’t have to trudge through snowdrifts enduring the bitter winter chill. Likewise, when leaving, each patron could have an already running, warm car delivered curbside.


Unparalleled Parking is the most trusted partner for valet services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. Our experienced drivers have immaculate records for safety and understand how to navigate winter road and parking lot conditions with unmatched expertise.


To inquire further about what Unparalleled Parking can offer your business, call us at (651) 300-1515.