Reliance on Minneapolis Parking Ramps

The Twin Cities area plays host to dazzling concerts, artistic events, and some of the best restaurants and hotels in the Midwest. As a visitor, however, it can be difficult to navigate the hustle and bustle of the city to find your destination, especially if you’ve rented a car. And as a Minneapolis resident, it can be frustrating to struggle with the same parking search for work day after day.


Minneapolis parking ramps are a common source for visitor and resident parking, but knowing and locating the best one for your needs isn’t always a simple task. It can swamp the precious minutes before the start of your work day, a dinner reservation, or event. And, thus, the search for Minneapolis parking ramps can cause you to be late for something important.


Before you visit again or plan a trip to a new museum or restaurant, study the list of Minneapolis parking ramps below.


A List of Minneapolis Parking Ramps

In total, there are currently twelve available parking ramps in downtown Minneapolis, each of them a low-cost alternative to on-street parking. This number fluctuates depending on season and new renovations. The parking ramps in downtown vary in age, accessibility, and user friendliness.


Here are six of the most popular Minneapolis parking ramps:


Seven Corners Parking Ramp

Location: 1504 Washington Ave S

Near: U of M Seven Corners neighborhood

Rating: 3/5

St. Anthony Parking Ramp

Location: 115 Main St SE

Near: St. Anthony Main Theater, Mac’s Industrial Bar

Rating: 4/5

Gateway Parking Ramp

Location: 400 S 3rd St

Near: Wells Fargo, Minneapolis Grain Exchange

Rating: 1/5

Marten Ramp Parking

Location: 921 Marquette Ave, Ste 1

Near: Butcher & the Boar, Lotus Restaurant

Rating: 2/5

Park & Shop Parking Ramp

Location: 24 S 8th St

Near: Nicollet Mall

Rating: 3/5

Orpheum Parking Lot

Location: 1000 Hennepin Ave

Near: Target Field/Center, Theater District

Rating: 4/5


An Alternative to Minneapolis Parking Ramps

Because trying to secure parking on street is avoided by most and parking ramps in downtown can be frustrating, why not try another option? For your night events, theater visits, concert shows, and other destinations, you might instead consider valet parking. Many locations offer valet parking as a complimentary service, and those that don’t still offer it as an affordable paid option.


Valet parking eliminates the time spent searching, wondering, and waiting for a spot. You can pull up to your final destination and hand your keys over to a highly trained and experienced driver who will take care of the rest for you! Many valet companies even offer extra services like car cleaning and detailing. Not to mention that the moment you are ready to leave, your car will be ready almost immediately! You won’t have to walk several blocks to find the right Minneapolis parking ramp or try to remember on which level you were parked.


Interested in Valet Parking for Your Location?

If you own a business or are planning an event in downtown, forget Minneapolis parking ramps altogether! Give your guests a unique, personal, and luxurious experience by investing in Unparalleled Parking. Unparalleled Parking offers valet and chauffeur services across the Twin Cities and some of the surrounding area. Give us a call for your next event or business venture at (651) 300-1515!