How Parking at the Airport Affects Your Travels

When flying to go on vacation or visit a loved one, stress might be a little high. You’re looking forward to the relaxation to come but the travel itself represents an unknown. You have to plan to arrive early to the airport, find parking, check-in, deliver your bags, go through security, and get to the gate. All of this is done hours before you ever even depart!


Because of the number of factors involved, a several things can go awry from the plan. You forget your passport, accidently go over the bag weight limit, realize your ID is expired, arrive late, etc. Among these concerns is the potential to find a parking spot at a distance from your check-in point or taking too much time to find a space at all. This might mean you have to run to catch your flight, just one more added stress to the journey.


Parking at the Airport with Less Stress

Some people choose to take public transit to the airport via bus, train, cab, etc. A few of the choices can be expensive, even more than parking at the airport. The less expensive of these options have an appeal but fall short on convenience. No one wants to tote several bags or even rolling luggage across the entire city. Thus, parking at the airport becomes the easier answer.


But short term and long term parking are not the only options available to you when parking at the airport. Did you know that many airports offer valet service as well? Like any establishment, you’d follow the signs to the designated area. You’d be greeted by a valet driver who would take your information and keys promptly, allowing you a fast and easy path into the airport.


Parking at the airport using a valet service has the following advantages:

●        Being close to the main airline check-in points, like being dropped off by someone. Paramount if you’re running behind.

●        Enhanced safety and security of your vehicle while you’re on vacation.

●        Immediate direction to your check-in point, as valet attendants will have knowledge of the airport terminals.

●        Possible extra services like car detailing or baggage handling.

●        Curbside drop-off of your vehicle upon your return for a faster exit.


Essential Airport Tips for the Savvy Traveler

Whether you opt for parking at the airport or not, there are other things you can do to streamline your travels through the airport and make it a more enjoyable time. Next time you fly, try one of these tips:


●        When possible, fly on Tuesday or Wednesday. You’ll find that those are the least popular days to travel, meaning that airports and airplanes will be less crowded. In addition, the flight is usually cheaper!

●        You can’t take water through security, as all liquids must follow the 3.4 oz rule. However, you can carry an empty water bottle through and fill it up on the other side!

●        Pack accessories in your suitcase or carry-on. Accessories including scarves, hats, jewelry, and belts will have to be removed to go through security. Speed up the process by waiting to put them on until you are through security.

●        Be careful using WiFi. Some airports offer free WiFi and some do not. Check prior to arrival to plan what you can do during a layover, etc. Also, never visit personal accounts that require passwords while at the airport; it’s a hotspot for hackers.


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