No matter what kind of restaurant you own or what kind of food you serve, you always want what’s best for your guests – and, of course, what’s best for your pocketbook. Efficient, kind, and overall comforting service for your guests is number one on your mind.

While you may have never considered hiring a valet service before, Unparalleled Parking is here to explain why you should! As a Twin Cities valet company, we’ve seen firsthand what our services can do for not just fancy restaurants, but any restaurant at all.

Does your restaurant need valet service? You do if you want to enjoy any of the following benefits!

What Benefits Do Valets Offer?

Valet service is about helping your business stand out and treating your customers like royalty.

Investing in this comes with multiple benefits, including:

Advanced Level of Convenience for Your Guests

Unparalleled Parking provides outstanding valet services to each guest, providing a personalized experience that results in each of your guests feeling valued the moment they arrive.

We understand the critical importance of building strength and character within our team. Every one of your customers will feel a sense of trust when Unparalleled Parking provides them with a unique valet service experience focused on their needs.

Enhanced Security

Your guests never have to worry about issues like damage and theft that can occur in parking lots. Every Unparalleled Parking employee provides exceptional valet parking services for restaurants. Each of our employees undergoes rigorous training that aligns with our sound business principles and commitment to providing highly professional, trustworthy valet services. Our security team provides responsive and expert services with the highest quality protection; no matter the event or location, we have you covered!

Easier Access to Your Business

Having control over your parking lot means a more even traffic flow from your restaurant's driveway to the front of your establishment. Valet service influences where guests are parked and enhance organization to ensure a streamlined experience making it easier for the attendees to reach your venue.

Greater Attraction for Higher Level Clientele

Your customers experience the Unparalleled valet service throughout the evening, not just when they arrive at your restaurant. When guests are ready to call it a night or when the luncheon is over, no one has to wait impatiently to receive their vehicle.

Unparalleled Parking is a valet parking business that remains polite and professional right to the moment each of your restaurant guests gets into their vehicle, adding that last touch of personalized detail to deliver a truly enjoyable experience at your restaurant.

You Are Giving Your Customers Valuable Time by Not Having To Look for Parking

Demonstrating integrity, trust, and commitment to top-notch service at all times means you and your customers receive highly reliable service. You'll experience a sense of relief knowing that your customers receive efficient services from a reliable, professional valet parking company.

Chron explains valet services should include being pleasant, quick, and responsive. You and your restaurant customers receive these qualities and much more from every employee and administrative staff member on our team.

Transportation Companies Are All About the Atmosphere

What atmosphere are you trying to create with your restaurant? That of a chic, modern establishment with waiters dressed in tuxedos? Or perhaps that of a loose, come-as-you-are family diner?

Maybe not so much a restaurant as a hip nightclub? Regardless of what mood you’re going for, a valet company will help create that mood.

High End Restaurants

Choose a Minneapolis valet service that will contribute to the air of luxury that you’re trying to create. Moreover, if you hire Unparalleled Parking, our drivers will always dress the part.

Casual Restaurants

You want your guests to feel relaxed, at home, and cared for. Hiring a valet parking service takes the anxiety out of parking so your guests don’t walk into your business with more stress that you’ll need to soothe.

Creating a relaxing vibe thus becomes all the easier! This is especially true if a large part of your customer base has children, who can get impatient and noisy while their parents struggle to find parking in the packed Minneapolis streets.


Party-wear is certainly impractical, so it’s a big hassle for your patrons to walk from a distant parking ramp to their destination. What’s more, the streets at night are not the safest, nor the most welcoming place.

You want your patrons to feel safe and as though they can let loose. A valet parking service makes sure they walk in the door already feeling that way.

Why Choose Unparalleled Parking for Your Next Event?

Even if this is the first time you've considered hiring valet parking services, you may have thought they were a tad too hoity-toity for your down-home restaurant, or you might have seen valet companies as a waste of money. Those thoughts, however, could not be further from the truth.

Valet parking is all about client care, and Unparalleled Parking was established over a decade ago, so we understand what customer service means.

We have a dedication to excellence and can help enhance your restaurant's atmosphere and status because we go the extra mile for your guests.

Looking for the Best in Valet Parking Near Minneapolis?

We’re a dedicated Twin Cities Valet service that would be privileged to become part of your establishment’s experience. Unparalleled Parking provides experience and expertise in valet parking throughout the Twin Cities area, including reliable Saint Paul valet services. 

If you have multiple restaurant locations, our company gladly works with you to provide valet services at each location. To find out more about our valet and limo services or to reserve a date, call us at 651-300-1515 or message us online today.