You’ve prepared for your event in every way possible: ordered the decorations, planned an itinerary, wrangled a catering service… you’ve even made the smart decision and hired a valet company to manage the chaos that will be parking in Minneapolis. You’re all set to sit back and relax until the event happens, right?


Well, not quite. Understanding how your valet company works will handle your guests is vital to a stress-free event, as it prevents any surprises on either end; it also allows you to quickly adjust your plans when the uncontrollable surprise naturally occurs anyway. Moreover, it allows you to prepare your venue to make your valet company’s job easier and your guests, therefore, happier.


Below, Unparalleled Parking, a Twin Cities Valet Company, provides a brief rundown on what to do to prepare for the use of a valet company.

When the Weather is Worrisome, Have a Plan B

Minnesota in the summer is as moody as can be; you never know when the weather will turn on a dime and become an annoyance—or worse, downright hazardous. For the sake of your guests and valet company alike, make sure you have options to keep everyone comfortable in:


●        Rain. Understand that in poor visibility, our valet drivers will slow down to avoid crashes and property damage. Your guests might spend a few moments longer waiting out of their cars; it pays to have a tent or pavilion set up nearby so that they are not forced to stand in the rain.

●        Storms. Many events will still be on rain or shine, but if the worst happens and the tornado sirens wail, it’s best for the safety of your guests and valet parking service alike if you have an alternate date available.

●        Heat. Though we at Unparalleled Parking take care of our drivers, it’s important that event planners think about excessive heat and make accommodations for their guests. Having extra waters and sports drinks on hand is always helpful, as well as ordering a shady, air-conditioned tent.

Do You Have Room?

Of course, a valet parking service cannot operate efficiently if there isn’t room to park your guests’ cars. It pays to count exactly how many parking spots you have available. If you want to be safe, plan for thirty percent more guests than on your list. It is also smart to consider the amount of space valet drivers will have to maneuver the cars. At least two lanes of traffic is helpful, as this enables us to pass.

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